“The Bond”, la entrevista

¿Cuál es el mensaje que el proyecto “The Bond” le transmite a los futuros compradores? El mismo mensaje que Leonardo da Vinci nos enseñó hace mucho tiempo y que nuestro presidente Francisco López Guerra A., siempre nos recuerda: “La simplicidad es la sofisticación última”.


1. How will the interior design of The Bond help this project differentiate from other high-end

projects being planned in Miami?

I beleive that in any artform, it is the history behind its creation what makes it unique. Having brought the

celebrated photography artist Terry O’Neill and sculptor Tatiana Blanco into to the team and incorporating

the history behind them and their artwork into the interior design concept allowed us to travel through time

and share this experience with the end users. The Bond will not only produce beautiful spaces but also

display a permanent art collection in the first luxury project with a ‘Brickell Address’ since the recession.

2. What message will the interior design of The Bond convey to the future buyers?

The same message that Leonardo DaVinci taught us a long time ago and that our Chairman Francisco

Lopez Guerra always reminds our Team: «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication». Through the use of

timeless materials like European marbles, fine woods, hand-stitched leathers, iconic furniture selections

and original works of art, The Bond will bring the concept of British Elegance to Brickell today.

3. Loguer Design is well-known for designing expensive watches, yachts, jets and mansions. What

all that has in common with doing the interior design of a luxury condo project?

First of all, a deep understanding of the client’s needs, but also another common factor is understanding a

relaxed and simple, yet glamorous and sophisticated way of living of the jet setters of the world, as you

can perceive in Terry’s candid shots of so many of them.

4. Is this project Loguer’s entrance to the Miami Condo Market? How were you able to enter such

a competitive market, where most developers look to hire startchitects?

Although we have had the opportunity to collaborate in other Miami Condo projects, this is the first time

that we have been invited to develop the entire design concept from its inception. I believe that our

international experience designing spaces of massive universal appeal such as the pavilions for the Word

Expos of Japan 2005 and Spain 2008, along with our museography background and our knowledge of

high-end private costumers’ expectations, gave the developers the necessary confidence to allow us to

participate with them in the creation of this amazing project.

5. How different is the process of designing a condo, compared to designing luxury brands?

As a Firm, we strongly believe that more than fame and regardless of the scale, the attention to detail and

the level of craftsmanship is what differentiates the quality of a project. We have treated this Condo

building as carefully as we would treat a limited edition timepiece.

It is just like seeing Sean Connery lounging on Gaetano Pesce’s UP5/UP6 gray cashmere chair. I think

this image represents four words that are key ingredients in our design process: simple, sophisticated,

modern & timeless.